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Who is SUMMIT CITY Climbing Co?

We care about 3 things:


Community - we want you to know that you have a safe place to belong.

Challenge - we want to provide you excellent climbing that will challenge your physical and mental limits.

Confidence - we want to come knowing that you matter and leave feeling that you are strong.

We Love those who give back to our community!

Nurses | Veterans | First responders | Social workers | Teachers | Non-Profit Organizations | Students


Be part of the climbing community at Fort Wayne's first ever bouldering gym. Challenge others to do hard things and leave feeling more confident.

Members get access to the strength gym, 2,250 sqft of bouldering, and a 10% discount to the pro-shop.


“I use to drive 2 hours twice a week to Indy just to climb. I figured, it was about time Fort Wayne Got its own climbing gym. So I decide to build one”

Owner: Collin Jester

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