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Our Story

When David moved from Germany to Fort Wayne, he joined the local climbing club that meets at the YMCA. He would drive 2 hours to Indy a couple times a week just to climb.

When Edwin moved from California to Fort Wayne, he missed the adventure California offered. He would crave the thrill of a climb, especially during the winters.

When Collin studied at IUPUI he fell in love with rock climbing. Growing up in the Fort he had limited options. He has dreamed of a climbing gym coming to Fort Wayne. 

When Ryan graduated from New Haven High School, he heard rumors of a rock climbing gym finally coming to Fort Wayne. He is still waiting for someone to come to Fort Wayne to start one. 

This group of young adults decided to take matters into their own hands and start a rock climbing gym. It's about time someone actually built a rock climbing gym for Fort Wayne.

Meet the Team

When you meet one of our team members, you'll notice high competency and character. Each of them believes in Fort Wayne and gives back.



Summit City Climbing Co has 2,130 sqft of bouldering that accommodates all ages and abilities. There is also a weight-lifting gym for additional strength training.

  • 10-15ft walls

  • Variety of routes for dynamic and static climbers alike

  • Monthly route setting

  • USA Climbing certified route setters

  • Strength Gym 


We care about 3 things:


Community - we want you to know that you have a safe place to belong.

Challenge - we want to provide you excellent climbing that will challenge your physical and mental limits.

Confidence - we want to come knowing that you matter and leave feeling that you are strong.

We Love those who give back to our community!

Nurses | Veterans | First responders | Social workers | Teachers | Non-Profit Organizations | Students
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