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Get Your GOAT on with this circlular die cut sticker!

This ain't your grandma's goat sticker. This bad boy represents the goatitude of Summit City Climbing Co., the climbing haven where grit meets bleats of victory. Stick it on your water bottle, laptop, or car and let the world know: you're part of a herd fueled by community, challenge, and confidence.

But why a goat, you ask? Glad you inquired! These nimble mountain goats are our spirit animal:

  • Conquer any terrain: Just like our four-legged buddies scale sheer cliffs, we climbers tackle any wall with audacity and grace.
  • Playful and tenacious: We laugh hard, fall often, and always get back up, stronger than before. Goats, same.
  • Always down for adventure: Whether it's a new route or a post-climb coffee meetup, we embrace the journey with open arms (and hooves).

Every purchase keeps our walls stocked with fresh holds and our community buzzing with stoke.

So stick it on, climb on, and show the world: you're part of the GOAT herd!

GOAT 3"x3"Circle Die Cut Sticker


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