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Show your local love with Fort Wayne's first ever rock climbing gym die cut sticker. 

It may be 4"x2.5" in size, but it will ROCK your world (and your water bottle) This GOAT sticker showcases your dedication to the vertical pursuit. This isn't just any sticker; it's a badge of honor, a silent scream, a declaration of stoke for the first ever local climbing gym that fuels your passion.

Here's why you'll snag this beauty:

  • Local Love: This ain't no mass-produced monstrosity. This sticker represents your climbing haven, the place where calluses are earned, beta is shared, and high fives flow like pre-climb coffee.
  • Durable as Granite: Made with high-quality vinyl, this sticker weathers the storm – just like you do on the wall. Slap it on your car, water bottle, laptop, or anywhere that needs a dose of climbing vibes.


  • Support Your Community: Every decal purchase pumps oxygen into your local gym. You're not just getting a sticker, you're investing in the future of climbing in your town.

So, ditch the boring water bottle, the plain laptop, the uninspired car window. This decal is your chance to shout your climbing love from the mountain top (or at least, from your water bottle).

SCCC 4"x2.5" Die Cut Sticker


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